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Library History

Mostly Solapur east side people came 100 year ago from Andra pradesh state. Mostly all people are poor and workers, they do not spend money for books and news-paper but people are interested in reading book, knowing new things or current affairs in world wide. This people are requested to opening new Library in East side of Solapur. After that Industrial Bank Chairman Late Shri.Rajarampanth Kuchan, Shri. Krushahari Chinni, Shri. Nagesh Kanna, Shri. Bhumayya Konda, Shri. Pravin Potabatti, Shri. Damodar Nalla, Shri. Manik Sarangi, Shri. S.R.Adam, Shri. Janardhan Karmpuri, Shri. Jayantrao Jakkal, Shri. Raynarsu Annaldas and senior citizens are arrange the meeting on opening a new library in east side of solapur and Hence Emerging of Purva Vibhag Sarvaj anik Vachnalaya.

The Purva Vibhag Sarvajanik Vachanalay, Solapur Library is the oldest Public Library in India. The Solapur east side peoples requested to Head of Shri. Hirachand Nemchand vachanalay for Library in east side to fulfil this demand Library was established by Hon. Shri. K. D. Puranik (Director of State Library, Maharashtra), on 18th April 1973 and The name was changed to Purva Vibhag Sarvajanik Vachanalaya, Solapur on 4th April 1975 and first executive board selected on 1st June 1975.

Library Building


The Library started in 10 by 10 single room. after library expanded and arrenge in “Madha Mangal Karyalay, Solapur ” in 15*15 room. The donation of Rs. 5,51,000 from “Solapur Vinkar Suth Mill” and library was shifted to its present campus in Own Building (Ravivar Peth), on 1 June 1999. This library building was constructed on area of 4950 Sq. Yards at a cost of Rs. 6.00 Lakhs under the supervision of PVSVS Board Members. where the State Archaeological Department was functioning earlier. The building belongs to the Department of Public Libraries, and has been leased out to PVSVS. The PVSVS Trust maintains this rare collection in collaboration with the Maharashtra Govt and reaches all corners of the globe.

Awards to Best Library


In 1995-96 Library Awarded as “Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Utkrushta Granthalaya Puraskar” in the present of Shri. Dattaji Rane (Technical Educational Minister, Maharashtra).


In 2010-2011 Awarded as “Sahakar Maharashi Shankarrao Mohite-Patil Adharsh Granthalaya Puraskar”in the present of Sou. Shamlatai Bhagal.

About Class

In 1996-97 Library Granted as " A-Class " under the Maharashtra State Govt..

Library Features

  • Govt. Approved - A Class
  • Awarded Best Library From Govt. of Maharashtra as a
    “Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Utkrushta Granthalaya Puraskar”
  • Awarded Best Library in 2010-11 as a
    “Sahakar Maharashi Shankarrao Mohite-Patil Adharsh Granthalaya Puraskar”
  • First Library in Solapur District
  • Computerised Library
  • Separate Children and Women Department

Books Donation

In March 1985 Andra Pradhesh State Govt Donate 101 telugu Books. After library has started separate department for Telugu Section. Now 1455 Telugu Books Available in Telugu Department.

In March 1981, Prof.Shri.C.S.Dhara Donate 81 English Books. After library has started separate department for English Section. Now 406 English Books Available in English Department.

In 2008 Solapur Mahanagar Palika Member Shri. Pandurang Diddi Donates Rs. 25000 Competitive Exam Books

Books Collection


Sr. No. Magazine Total
1. Weekly 22
2. Journals 9
3. Monthly 50
4. Quarterly 2


Sr. No. Newspaper Language Newspapers
1. Marathi 20
2. Hindi 1
3. Telugu 1
4. Kannada 1
5. English 2

Library Collections

Sr. No. Books Type Available Books

Library Activities

Library Arranges many activities like a Blood Donation, Free Telugu Teaching Course, Career Guidance for Students, Essay competition and more

Library Members List

Sr. No. Members No. Of Members

News and Events

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  • Books Membership @ 265
  • Magzines membership @ 270
  • Competitive Exam Membership @275
  • Women Membership @Rs.265
  • Children Membership @40
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Purva Vibhag Sarvajnik Vachnalaya, Solapur

Address : 151/5, Ravivar Peth, Kanna Chowk.

Solapur - 413005.

Phone : (0217) 2722478.

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